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Launch Party Recap: A Celebration of Community and Purpose

Launch Party Recap: A Celebration of Community and Purpose

I love a good party. So, when my culminating cohort experience with Sistah Biz ended with a launch plan, I knew a party was the route to go. Hosting this event wasn’t just about fun; it was about launching my new social justice curriculum and services—a mission close to my heart.

Wrestling with Fear and Perfectionism

As I stepped into host mode, the fear set in. This wasn’t like my usual social parties or birthday bashes aimed at fun and community. This was my coming out party, revealing my vision and passion to the world. I found an amazing venue at the Black Girl Museum, hired one of Denver’s most talented photographers (shout out to Alix Lowry), and booked the fabulous drag entertainer, Miss Zarah. But as the invites went out, my anxiety grew. What should I say? How would I communicate how important this work is? What if the email invites ended up in the trash folder? What if all the work and investment was for nothing and no one showed up? And even scarier, what if everyone showed up? What if I succeeded? These nerves dominated my thoughts, making me question if it was all worth it.

From March to October 2023, I had the honor of being part of the Sistahbiz business accelerator led by the incredible Makisha Boothe, or Coach K as she’s affectionately known. Together with seven other powerful Black women entrepreneurs, we formed the “Dream Team”.

We evaluated our businesses, revised our missions and visions, and solidified our customer base. We laughed, cried, and grew together, tackling the barriers in society that breed imposter syndrome and tell us we can’t make it. We were battling more than just business development; we were fighting societal norms set up for white male entrepreneurs. Yet, despite this support, the fear of not being perfect and being too salesy haunted me.

Days before my October launch date, I had a stress crisis. The guest list seemed sparse, and I doubted I could pull this off. The worry about being good enough was overwhelming. Hours before the event, my worry reached its peak. Breaking down, I called my friend who was helping me set up and told her to forget it; I wanted to cancel the whole event.
Forget the deposits, forget the fridge full of finger foods, just call it off. My fear of not being perfect was clouding the whole point of this celebration—to showcase my work. My friend refused to let me cancel. She showed up with four other friends behind her, determined to make this party happen. Their belief in this mission, this vision, was greater than my doubt. They saw what my nerves were covering: that my purpose is bigger than me.

Party for Community and Purpose

After all the fears and tears, the event was amazing. The community came together, lifting me up and celebrating this pivotal new curriculum. The room was abuzz as strangers met and became friends, teaming up to compete for the raffle prizes. The drag queen performance was electrifying, the photo booth was a beautiful representation of hope for young queer lives, and the interactive activities, and the discussions created a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

With a shaky voice, I dove into my presentation sharing how our mission to create an all-inclusive curriculum empowers learners to become advocates for positive social change. I showed the audience how our modules’ emphasize personal growth and self-reflection for facilitators, creating a community of learners that embrace, uplift, and celebrate Queer and marginalized communities.

This event wasn’t just a party; it was a representation of my liberation model—a visual testament to my journey and my vision to build a world of learners who possess the knowledge and compassion to create a more just and liberated world.

Imposter syndrome might have tried to hold me back, but this launch party was a powerful reminder that my gift is bigger than my fears. By embracing my mission and building Queer Intersectional curriculum, I am ensuring that no one falls into the hole I was meant to fill.

Solidifying the Vision

The launch party was a testament to my vision and reaffirmed what Lessons-in-Liberation™ stands for. Our mission is to fill the gap in education, to amplify silenced voices, and to save lives through our lessons. The support and energy from the community reminded me that my work is a catalyst for change. My purpose is to fill the hole in education at a level of excellence, ensuring people are catapulted from that hole rather than falling into it.(Dethra Giles)

Cleaning up and leaving the venue, my heart was full of gratitude for the community who didn’t just see me, but saw our collective mission. I am still learning how to live in that mission, and this is just the beginning.

Join us in our liberation journey. Explore our curriculum offerings and discover how we can work together to create a more inclusive and just world for all youth and educators. Schedule a connection call today to become part of this transformative journey. Together we are Liberating Minds and Liberating Worlds.

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